The symptoms of Alzheimer’s include, but not limit to, the followings:

Early Symptoms

  • Forget about recent conversations or events
  • Misplace items
  • Forget the names of places and objects
  • Have trouble thinking of the right word
  • Ask questions repetitively
  • Show poor judgement or find it harder to make decisions
  • Become less flexible and more hesitant to try new things.

Middle-Stage Symptoms

  • Increasing confusion and disorientation – for example, getting lost, or wandering and not knowing what time of day it is
  • Being obsessive, repetitive or impulsive behaviour
  • Sufferring from delusions (believing things that are untrue) or feeling paranoid and suspicious about carers or family members
  • Having problems with speech or language (aphasia)
  • Experiencing disturbed sleep
  • Changing mood, such as frequent mood swings, depression and feeling increasingly anxious, frustrated or agitated
  • Having difficulty performing spatial tasks, such as judging distances
  • Seeing or hearing things that other people do not (hallucinations).

Later Symptoms

  • Difficulty eating and swallowing (dysphagia)
  • Difficulty changing position or moving around without assistance
  • Weight loss
  • Sometimes severe unintentional passing of urine (urinary incontinence) or stools (bowel incontinence)
  • Gradual loss of speech
  • Significant problems with short and long-term memory