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Quote From the Expert – Dr. Oliver Sacks

Music and Alzheimer’s 

  1. Music Intervention Approaches for Alzheimer’s Disease: A Review of the Literature.
  2. Can musical intervention improve memory in Alzheimer’s patients? Evidence from a systematic review.
  3. The Effect of Music Therapy on Cognitive Functions and Adaptation in Alzheimer’s Patients.
  4. UK Researcher Finds Alzheimer’s Patients ‘Get Hooked on a Feeling’ With Music.
  5. Music Activates Regions of the Brain Spared by Alzheimer’s Disease.
  6. Listening to favourite music improves brain function in Alzheimer’s patients.
  7. Music and emotion in Alzheimer’s disease.
  8. Research About Music and Alzheimer’s.
  9. Music shows promising potential for slowing the progression of dementia.

Current Studies on Alzheimer’s 

  1. What You Need to Know about Lecanemab, the Potential New Alzheimer’s Drug.
  2. Alzheimer’s treatments: What’s on the horizon?
  3. Clinical Trials: Alzheimer’s Disease, Mayo Clinic.
  4. Alzheimer’s researchers are looking beyond plaques and tangles for new treatments.
  5. 6 Alzheimer’s research updates you should know.
  6. Clinical Trials and Studies – University of Washington.
  7. Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center – Johns Hopkins, School of Medicine.